Hi! I’m Rémy Robert. Forget phonics—it rhymes with Amy Snowbear. (I know. Confusing.) In France, Rémy is a boys’ name, but I’m not from France, and I’m not a boy. (Right. I was a very confused child.)

I’m a born and raised New Orleanian, back home where it’s warm and sunny after stints in Providence, NYC, and Boston. I work for Mark Bittman, research and develop recipes and cookbooks, and freelance write. I eat like it’s my job; sometimes it is. I’m almost alarmingly good at email—an Inbox Zero devotee with oodles of charm—so if you need help with that note you’ve been needing to write to your boss/partner/estranged aunt, I’m your girl. My spirit vegetable is a golden beet.

I’ve written for Food52 and Serious Eats and managed social media for Sweet Roots NYC (now Ritual). As an undergrad at Brown, I got a rather versatile degree in philosophy and had a reputation as the girl who kept Sriracha in her backpack. Beyond writing, I’m passionate about the ways food can be used as a means of ambassadorship and social entrepreneurship. I also dabble in natural skincare, so if you’re looking for some crunchy beauty products, hit me up and I’ll help you customize the perfect thing.

If you’d like to be friends, I’m down! Get in touch and/or buy me a pastry.