Hi and welcome! First, a clarification: My name rhymes with Amy Snowbear. (Think é like Beyoncé.) In France, Rémy is a boys’ name, but I’m not from France, and I’m not a boy.

I’m a native New Orleanian, back home after stints in Providence, NYC, and Boston. I work for Mark Bittman, research and develop recipes and cookbooks, and eat like it’s my job (sometimes it is). My wheelhouse is using food as a means of community building, ambassadorship, and social change.

My spirit vegetable is a golden beet and my favorite punctuation mark—incidentally, also my superhero name—is the interrobang. I’ve written for Food52 and Serious Eats and managed social media for Ritual. In college, I wrote a column about dogs and had a reputation as the girl who kept Sriracha in her backpack.

Let’s get to know each other! Get in touch and/or buy me a pastry.