Hi and welcome! I hope you like to eat.

I’m a New Orleans-based cookbook developer who transforms brilliant visions and recipes into the kind of books that get stained with sauces, shared with family, read on couches, and displayed on coffee tables.  I worked with Mark Bittman on How to Bake Everything and have contributed to Hartwood, Food52, and Serious Eats. Thrillist has featured me as one of their dream food jobs. I also cater, teach private cooking lessons, and volunteer teaching kitchen skills and food literacy to opportunity youth in New Orleans.

You wouldn’t know it based on rules of phonics, but my name rhymes with Amy Snowbear. My wheelhouse is using food as a means of community building and ambassadorship; my spirit vegetable is a golden beet. In college, I wrote a column about dogs and had a reputation as the girl who kept Sriracha in her backpack.

Get in touch to discuss your next book, meal, or the finer points of cheeseburgers.