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Photo by Emily Rose Apple

As a cookbook writer, I live at the intersection of Type-A Rule Follower (a stopwatch, gram scale, and tape measure knock around a drawer with my spatulas and whetstone) and Cheerleading Daydream Believer. I’ve got a hawk eye for the flavors, memories, and philosophy that set chefs apart, and I breathe life into them so they’re accessible to and replicable by anyone. More simply, I’m a translator.

I’ve lived inside the brains of a small army of chefs and journalists, and I carry their clever tricks and kind lessons with me as a writer and teacher—I live for a good kitchen epiphany and for shepherding my fellow home cooks to those very same inspiring, empowering moments and meals. My gig’s so fun, Thrillist once featured me on a list of dream food jobs.

A New Orleans native, I bring a little soul, spunk, and bottomless appetite (and tequila, when the mood is right) to every project. When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m the treasurer of a real-live Mardi Gras Krewe of Wonder Women. Cheeseburgers and chopped salads make me weak in the knees—hey, balance, right?—and my spirit vegetable is a golden beet. Chat with me to tell me yours or explore ways we can collaborate.