How to Make Gazpacho Without a Recipe

Photo: James Ransom
Photo: James Ransom

Remember that time about, oh, six months ago, when we all waxed poetic about balmy June days and lingering August nights from beneath our winter coats? It’s true — summer came not a day too soon. But perhaps we all need a reminder of its early thrills now that it’s hot enough that we’re tempted to forgo simply adorned tomatoes and corn in favor of ice pops for dinner. When you’re throwing open the refrigerator door purely for the blast of frigid air it gives you — when the thought of food feels heavy and sticky — gazpacho will be your relief.

Nowadays, gazpacho conjures up bright splashy reds and raw crispness; of being so deep in the throes of summer that you’re delighted, not pained, to unload your tomato surplus into a blender. But gazpacho was born a peasant food, cobbled together of little more than stale bread, olive oil, and garlic. That triumvirate proved to be a solid foundation for the boatloads of vegetables (and fruit) that joined the party later, a stomping ground for just about any produce under the (sweltering) sun.

Best of all, you need little more than rudimentary blender proficiency — no, not even a recipe — to make a five-star gazpacho. Here’s how to do it.

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